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Matti's Farm

"Connecting generations through agriculture and education!"


You can find us around the Peninsula year round! Come and talk to us if you see us there!





















































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Matti Martin Running

Mt. Marathon, 2009

Be sure to pick up a Matti's Farm Passport at the Fair! It is a fun, furry, and feathery treasure hunt for kids to learn more about sustainability and what it means to be Alaska Grown.

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Want to help Matti's Farm?  

We are accepting non-profit donations and capable volunteers to assist.


Have you noticed the system of three trash cans at the Festival? One is for trash, one is for recycling, and the third is for compostables. Even the cups and plates the food is served on is compostable! Matti's Farm volunteers then collect all of the compost and turn it into soil.


Stop by our booth to visit the animals and learn more about compositing!

Matti's Farm also collects the compostables from the Salmon Fest. This is the easiest way to help Matti's Farm and is a great first step to living sustainably!



Kenai River Festival




If you want more information about Matti's Farm,

please email the board at


















































If you want more information about Matti's Farm, please email the board at




Kenai Peninsula Fair

Hay Rides

We provide hay ride farm tours at Diamond M Ranch, so be sure to ask about this bundle of fun!


We also bring out hayrides to different community events like the Peninsula Winter Games and Kenai's Fall Pumpkin Festival.


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