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My name is Mathias Nikola Martin but people call me “Matti.”


I am the son of Ronna and Blair Martin,


The grandson of JoAnne & Carrol Martin and Delores & John Lindeman.


I am a little brother to my oldest sister, DeAnne-letting me gallop Rose around bareback and stand up on my mini-horse.  She let me be a true cowboy and gave the bestest hugs.


I am a younger brother to Josiah- my biggest role model, best bud, adventurer extraordinaire, and you even let me cuddle in your bed most every night!


I am a big brother (or almost twin) to Darius-you were always next to me brother-but at the same time letting me have the limelight as rambunctious as I am!


I am an older brother to my sister, Sonora Rose - always just a step behind AND …could you please stop growing-you’re making me look bad!


I am a teacher’s worst nightmare--and yet also, by the end of the year, a student they would never give up!


I am a drive you nuts kind of back-seat kid, always picking on my niece, Mackenzie or instigating something in the car on the way to school!


I am the middle child and the most demanding, mischievous little guy for my parents to handle.  My dad says that every time he gets a little “arrogant” about his superior parenting skills”, I remind him to remain “humble” b/c he has his work cut out for him!


I am a rat breeder and an animal lover – In my grandpa Carrol’s eyes, I am a top notch farm-hand and cow milker….Josiah and I work twice as hard as Grandpa at milking but only get ½ as much!


I am a knife collector, fort builder, dirt bike jumper, and wild boy on the pony…


I am a boy with too much energy some say-but my parents have helped me to channel all that hyperactivity into becoming a sports competitor.


I took 2nd place this year in Mt. Marathon Jr. Race for boys of my age category


I like to X-Country ski right alongside the Jr. High ski team… so they have someone to catch!


I am a wrestler and a lover of all things competitive!


You may ask what I’m doing in heaven….


I’m practicing my stand-up circus moves on Grandpa John’s farm horse, Sparkie.  Then, when she gets tired, my Uncles- Rene and James –take turns teaching me new wrestling moves.  Every time I use the “head and arm” but they seem to know that old trick and are teaching me new tricks now-


 I am a child of God and I belong here- so please be at peace…


You can’t tie me down;


I am free now and will always be….


“Wild at Heart”





----  Speech Given by (Aunt) Angela Lindeman at Matti's Memorial Service, 8-2009

Mathias Nikola Martin  

September 28, 1999 - August 21, 2009