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Matti's Farm

"Connecting generations through agriculture and education!"


Where we were:

Since the birth of the idea for Matti's Farm, we have slowly but surely been making headway on the project. It took quite a lot to organize everyone's ideas into a cohesive body, because there are so many possibilities for this project! From there, we started making this dream a reality by raising money with composting. By using organic waste (mostly fish waste from dipnetting), a lot of dirt, some time and effort a high quality, nutrient rich soil can be produced and sold.


Where we are:

Currently, we are looking to increase our profit from composting by acquiring a screener and a bagger. We are still looking for the right area of land to start the Farm, but until then we are going to try Matti's Farm on a smaller scale. We will use Carrol and JoAnne Martin's old house on the Diamond M Ranch grounds as a starting point. It will serve as both a trial run and a springboard into something greater.


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Where we are going (Our Vision):

The next small step is to educate and spread awareness via a mobile greenhouse. This converted bus design could be easily driven around to schools to teach kids about sustainability, and to show how food is grown, harvested, and then composted to start the cycle over again. This will be an extension of a large stationary greenhouse that is also in the design stages. The ultimate goal is to have a large parcel of land dedicated entirely to Matti's Farm. Several areas are under consideration in the Kenai-Soldotna area. When we get there, it will take a huge amount of community support and involvement, and we hope that you will be standing there with us.

Possible design for the mobile greenhouse

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